The final countdown

Christmas is almost here.

This has been the busiest run-up to Christmas (work-wise) that I can remember in years. Horribly busy; far too much going on.

On the ‘apres-work’ side it’s been busy. Staff parties, client parties, team lunches, leaving dos, after work drinks, impromptu dinners with close colleagues. I’ve staggered from one event to the next in what’s felt like an alcoholic mist at times.

I’ve hardly cycled at all this month, certainly not at all the past 2+ weeks. Too many late nights feeling 1 degree under the next day. The weather has been mixed, too. Rain and cold (though I don’t so much mind the cold).

In better news – I’ve found the bike I’ll be buying imminently. Will probably buy it when I return to London on the 27 or 28th.

I’ll join the mass exodus out of the city on Christmas Eve. Don’t have far to go – an hour by train (home counties). Even so, I imagine it will be extremely busy on Christmas Eve as the entire country re-positions itself to be where it needs to be for Christmas.

For the first time in many years I am working right up to the bitter end. I usually ‘work from home’ or take the last day or two of the year off, as annual leave. But not this year. Too much actually going on, work-wise. I’m told there will be bucks fizz and mince pies for the die-hard lot who are in the office tomorrow. I’m guessing it’ll be 30-40% of the full office contingent; most have now broken for Christmas. I think the office will officially close just after lunch.

The office does close between Christmas and New Year so it’ll be good to finally get some proper downtime. I sure need it. I’m fighting off a cold which is annoying. It’s ‘mild’ and I’m hoping that it’s short lived – but I’m sure it’s as a result of general burn-out.

Tonight was another dinner out, S and some other close friends at our favourite Chinese. That was my sixth lunch/dinner out in seven days. My waist line is going to be showing it very soon indeed I feel. Ah well, I tend to let myself go in December with the earnest intention of turning over a new leaf in the New Year.

Very close friends are travelling down from the North for New Year so I’m in the process of planning what to cook for the dinner party (which will be held at S’s). Toying with belly of pork but we’re hitting a gallery during the day which means I won’t be at S’s to put it in the oven. We’ll see. I guess we’ll eat really late anyway so it might not matter.

3 thoughts on “The final countdown

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  1. Wow – you must be knackered with all you’ve had going on. Watch out you don’t fall asleep on the train out of London.
    Let us know how many/much mince pies and bucks fizz you deal with at work!!!!


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