Back in the saddle


brooks flyer saddle honey

I can’t seem to stop buying bicyle-related stuff; really I can’t.

After vacillating I have now bitten the bullet and ordered the Rolls Royce of cycling saddles. In fairness it was £60 (on offer at Chain Reaction Cycles) which isn’t all that much. It’s a Brooks – ‘unquestioning British tradition’ – Flyer. Their saddles are widely regarded as the best of the best. What this new saddle will provide is an element of suspension – it’s the one thing my new bike doesn’t really have (that those big old Boris Bikes did have). And it will last a lifetime.

Also bought yet more cycling gloves – non-lycra/sporty ones this time, for weekend cycling. These are Giro Gilman Houndstooth ones (£18 at

Giro Gilman Gloves Medium Houndstooth

Must. Stop. Buying. Cycling. Stuff.

2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

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    1. I’m doing 8.5 miles of Edinburgh Marathon (relay)… really need to get back into running quick sharp. Keep yo-yo’ing between thinking “that’s a hell of a long run!” to thinking “it’s not that bad!”. Hmm. Similar to what you’re doing really, as it’s 12-13 km.

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