High above the Valley of the Kings

As ever, the picture is better if you click on the cog and choose 720HD.

This is a somewhat belated video from my Egyptian Nile cruise holiday last autumn. I previously blogged about the Abu Simbel trip, a horse-drawn carriage trip through Edfu and English-Patient-like views from the air.

The hot-air balloon high above the Valley of the Kings was a highlight. We were woken long  before dawn – between 4-5am I seem to recall. Very small breakfast, then we disembarked the boat and walked down the quay. From here we transferred to a small speedboat in which we crossed the Nile. Then a short minibus trip to the launching site where the balloons take off each day (there are quite a few of them!).

Even though I have vertigo, it was fantastic. Watching the sky change colour as the sun starts to rise on the horizon. Looking down you can spot old temple complexes, though most of the Valley of the Kings is made up of underground tombs, so there’s less to see from that point of view. I think we were up for 45 mins or so.

Highly recommended if you are in Luxor.

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