Gearing up for the London Tweed Run

london tweed run 2012

I was delighted to receive an email from the organisers saying that I was successful in the ticket lottery for this year’s London Tweed Run, taking place on Saturday 6th May.

My bike, though a modern hybrid, is jet black and with its brown Brooks saddle (bought weeks ago but still not fitted) – shouldn’t look too out of place among the genuinely traditional bikes – of which there will be many.

What I’m to wear is quite another story. I have a month to sort myself out, clothing and accessory wise.

If any one has suggestions for shops in London specialising in vintage (early 20th century) clothing that aren’t outrageously expensive – do please let me know. I’ll be on a budget so it won’t just be a case of picking up a new outfit from Jermyn Street, alas!

As a huge fan of the early 20th century period it’s fair to say that this is right up my street…

6 thoughts on “Gearing up for the London Tweed Run

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  1. Hmm. No suggestions on the clothes front but I hope you post a photo of you and your attire (minus head if needs be for stalker reasons)…..

  2. There did seem to be plenty of modern bikes in the mix so you’ll fit right in. Bit of a tweed overdose. LOL I did love that woman’s red leather gloves. I don’t wear gloves (except in winter then thick and woolen are my choice, but if I had snappy red ones, I might reconsider. Good luck on the clothing hunt.

  3. I’ve only just heard about this event and am really looking forward to spectating! However, I cannot find details of the route or times anywhere – as a participant, would you have any information to share? Thank you, and let’s hope the weather works out!

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