Sun Salutations

Blogging is rather like doing exercise (which in my case has traditionally been going running or going to the gym) – you go through phases of being ‘in the zone’ and you do it and enjoy it a lot, but then you enter yet another hiatus phase and find it very difficult to get back into…

Actually if I’m talking exercise things are going well. Running most weeks, cycling every day (though not in this hateful rain, I’ve only cycled to/from work once in 2.5 weeks!). I’ve lost 7+ lbs in about 3 months (Feb – Apr) and as I gear-up to my 8.5 mile stint in the Edinburgh (Relay) Marathon, I expect more will drop. Suffice to say it’s a great feeling when your clothes all start getting looser.


I’ve taken up yoga which I’m enjoying. I switched out of pilates (last instructor wasn’t great, unlike my first one) and the yoga teacher is very good. She’s rather ‘tactile’ and seems to have no qualms about touching men’s hooves (aka bare feet). I’m rather discerning about such ‘areas’ but not so her. She’s also liable to pull you up by the hips when you’re in a downward dog position that isn’t full extended.

Pilates was a killer for the stomach muscles (and fantastic for all who want a flat stomach, and who doesn’t) – but I found it really gruelling (‘Hundreds’ anyone?). Yoga still pushes you but I’m feeling it’s ‘elasticating’ me which is a good thing as I’ve never been supple. It also has a ‘zen’ element that I experience more so than with pilates – a more meditative side that I’m rather liking. We do Sun Salutations all the time (loving the terminology) and I do find the whole thing rather holistic.

Not a lot else new. Work extremely busy (how very boring), a birthday came and went, plenty of outings and a belated one later this week.

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  1. Although I’ve just returned from my winter sojourn in Florida a few pounds (and many $$$$$’s) lighter (which HAS to be some kind of achievement), I’m still borderline obese according to my MBI numbers. Give me some decent dry weather and higher temps and I’ll be out walking again daily. Until then, the treadmill it is.
    As for pilates or yoga, I’ll wait till I can actually SEE my feet again before even considering either of those.
    Keep flexible, M, although that 2nd image looks well dodgy……or is it doggy ?!.

  2. Hen – I’m surprised how much I’m liking it.

    SB – we all dream of ‘decent dry weather’, that’s for sure! I think you might still enjoy yoga, you should give it a go!

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