Running Man

On Sunday I joined 23,000 other runners for the Edinburgh Marathon. I wasn’t doing the whole thing, I was doing the relay marathon (a team effort in which the the 26.2 mile race is divided up between 4 runners). I was running the longest leg – 8.5 miles. It was the furthest I had ever run.

I ran my 8.5 mile leg without stopping which took 1 hour 25 minutes at which point I handed on to the next person in my team. I exceeded my target (which had been 1 hour 30 minutes). It was a fantastic experience. Edinburgh, like much of the UK, had stunning weather. Though it wasn’t much more than 19c the sun was really blazing down and many of us caught the sun, even with sun cream on. The run took us from central Edinburgh down along the seafront to Musselburgh.

It was a great day. I loved being part of something so big, there was such a sense of energy and excitement about taking part. I also raised several hundred pounds for charity. If you haven’t taken in part in a marathon before, I highly recommend it.

I now have my sights set on a half-marathon (13.1 miles). This from the person who at school could never run, who was always last, who always had a stitch and who hated cross country running with an absolute passion. Funny how things change as you get older.

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