31/365 – NPG


My cleaner has been back in Eastern Europe for over a month, visiting her family. She hasn’t done the flat in almost 2 months until today (and it showed – though we won’t go there!). I’ve always got on well with her. Some friends have expressed shock that I would not lay off the cleaner whilst I’m not in a full-time job. But that isn’t going to happen. I love, more than anything, coming hope to a beautifully cleaned and pristine flat. It really is one of life’s little luxuries. She has been in service to the dowager for more than a decade and is, she tells me, overseeing the dowager’s packing ahead of her annual “two month sojourn in the South Pacific”, which commences this weekend.

The dowager (my landlady) – is a millionairess (she owns two huge central London intact 7-storey town-houses – in one of which I rent a 1-bedroom flat in the rafters). She also owns a summer residence in the south of France. She was married to a French aristocrat.

So I took myself off to the National Portrait Gallery. I enjoyed Testino’s portraits of the Royal Family and also the Taylor Wessing Portrait of the year exhibition – really very good indeed (and most definitely worth the £2 entrance fee). It has potentially inspired me to pick up my own SLR which has not been used in perhaps two or more years now.

The gallery is swarming with school kids, as per the picture above, who I snapped on my iPhone looking up at the portrait of Anna Wintour by Alex Katz (which I’ve blogged about once before).

After that I took myself off to the Japan Centre (to stock up on white miso paste and noodles), to Lillywhites to buy casual socks – and I then walked home, via the market, to buy radishes and a lettuce for tonight’s meal.

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    1. Yes, it has the most amazing views over London (and clever automatic blinds when the sun is in your eyes which appeal to the technogeek in me). Next time I come down we should go there.

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