Vignettes – 04/02/13

Running into the dowager on the staircase and exclaiming that I thought she was meant to be on the other side of the world. She was – but her uncle, in his late 80s, who lives also in this house – had a heart attack over the weekend. A sad story as he’s a charming older gentleman with whom I enjoy conversing. Usually – nay, always – we discuss the weather, invariably discoursing on how awful it is. Thankfully he is ‘OK’ – it was a small one (and he has had several major ones before). But it got me thinking that he is getting particularly old and frail now, as he moves toward 90, and he may not survive the next one.

In keeping with my health regime I decided to go on a run after lunch (my usual route, along the Thames and around Battersea Park). I haven’t done it for several weeks. With the sun out, I thought a tracksuit and a t-shirt would suffice. What particularly poor judgement that proved when such a cold wind did blow. It was freezing – most people were in scarves, big coats and hats. The few other runners I saw had ‘proper’ winter running gear on (you know, multiple layers, etc!). I had a hot shower on my return so I’m hoping I won’t come down with anything.

The postponement of a major job interview I was meant to have tomorrow – for what is the most senior job of my career that I will have interviewed for. I’ve had one interview already and been in talks with this obscenely premium firm since the beginning of last December. Entirely and completely understandable reasons why it was postponed (bereavement) – but it’s thrown me of course. It won’t now be for at least another two weeks. It’s just jangled (is that the right word?) my nerves because I’m getting increasingly desperate in need of finding a permanent job (I am currently freelancing). Less due to money, and more due to climbing the wall from spending so much time alone.

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