Reverse alchemy – wine into water, of sorts


As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts recently – my alcohol intake has, since the beginning of this year, been dramatically reduced (by something like 80%). I think that’s an accurate figure, though it could be closer to 90%.

So what am I imbibing most evenings instead? Well – I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, and it sounds so terribly middle-aged – but it is in fact herbal teas.

My recollection of herbal teas dates to that formative decade of my childhood – the 1980s. Didn’t everyone have an Auntie Majorie whose handbag always had a stash of herbal teas? They were usually very fruity – rather than herby (blackcurrant, raspberry, that sort of thing). They would share room in the handbag with Uncle Sid’s sweeteners.

I’m not overly fond of the ‘fruity’ herbals teas, but the proper ‘herbal’ teas I do like. A snapshot from my cupboard, displayed on my dining table, can be seen above. They’re complemented by Japanese tea, of which I’m also fond (genmai-cha – roasted brown rice tea, is the one on the far right and something I drank a lot of when I lived in Japan). The Pukka brand of teas I have become rather partial to.

The only comparison I can make with (significantly) giving up alcohol is to compare it with when I gave up cigarettes. You miss it a lot initially – feel that you’re missing out – but then… you no longer really think about it and realise that you no longer really miss it.

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