Going full circle – job 2

Those who read this blog from the very beginning (October 2008) will remember that I was in a period of transition. I had 4 different jobs I was interviewing for, two of which I was offered. It was a somewhat fraught period of juggling people, interviews and ultimately – future ‘life’ and career paths.

I’m there again.

I have two major jobs on the horizon, both of which have had interminably long incubation periods. The major interview I had (that got postponed, it’s now in 2 weeks time) is with a global US firm and I’ve been talking to these people since late November / early December of last year. They know me from 2 years ago when I interviewed for a slightly different role (they didn’t appoint in the end). Let’s call that ‘job #1’.

An email this evening informed me that ‘job #2’ is also now back on the cards. This extremely funky, absurdly hard-to-get-into and non-corporate consultancy is one I’ve been speaking to since late summer! The job has gone hot, then cold, hot then cold. An email this evening from my original contact now suggests that he is in a bigger decision making role and is able to finally move forward. Am I available for a chat ASAP?

Both are good options. Job #1 is the ultra-corporate one. It comes with 50% travel – including to the US – and a remuneration package that, although not yet discussed in any detail, is likely to be at the very top of the scale. Job #2 also has a major presence in New York (and Shanghai) and would also have travel, although much less overall. The salary would be the same as the company I have come out of.

So I’m somewhat all over the place. I’ll move both forward of course. Neither is guaranteed by any means. Job #2 is more likely to lead to a ‘firm offer’ than job #1, as I don’t think there are any other candidates in the frame and that company has a historic relationship with the one I’ve come out of – so I’m a known quantity.

I feel excited. Both are good jobs. I’ve had a period of relative downtime (freelancing) but it feels like the next big, ‘proper’ job is now moving to become a reality…

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