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Getting ready with my immunizations pre-holiday. I’d worried they would be scandalously expensive (many of them are not cheap and in this borough, Westminster, they are not free the way they were when I lived in Lambeth; this is due to the differing demographics).

Tomorrow I’m having Typhoid (and that one actually is on the NHS, I’m told). The others I am just in date with – Yellow Fever, Cholera, HepA, HepB, as I’ve had them all over recent years. Anti-malarials are also sorted.

I loathe injections. As a child I was terrified of them. Growing up in hot countries we had what felt like a continuous barrage of injections. The worst was the intra-muscular injection gama globulin, administered into the upper buttock. Unlike an injection in the arm – which generally feels like a scratch – I have terrible memories of the bigger one. I’m sure if I had it now it wouldn’t seem quite so bad, but as a child – horrific (and a cursory Google search indicates many people have similar horror stories of what is a particularly large and painful injection). That said, I don’t think it is so commonly in use nowadays, though I may be wrong.

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