Job #2 interview last week

I’ve written a little about the roles I’m going for. At the end of last week I met the main guy for what I’m calling job #2. Very funky place. I started speaking to them at the end of last summer (!!) and 8 months on, we finally seem closer to making something happen.

I connected with the guy a lot more this time than last. Last time, he was 20 minutes late to our meeting and I could tell he had a huge amount on and that the timing wasn’t great. This time, we had a full hour (in a coffee shop near where I live – he lives not far from me) and he brought someone from the team, a more junior member of staff – who I connected with really well.

So I cam away positive. The next step is for me to write up a kind of mini proposal, of sorts, about what I feel the priorities are and what I can do.

Downsides are that this role would start out as a contract, not as a permanent job. But it’s one of those companies that has no shortage of people trying to get into it and if I can get in this way, rather than going through a longer recruitment exercise (which would include other candidates) then this seems a fair compromise. He stated strongly that this would be a contract to permanent situation.

So I need to work on the document today and send it tomorrow.

My big interview for ‘job #1’ is on on Tuesday.

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