Britain’s taste for horsemeat

I was reading an article on The Guardian website concerning how, even in light of – and perhaps because of – the horsemeat scandal, there is an increase in deliberate horsemeat consumption in the UK. It’s lower in fat and supposedly tastes better than beef. It’s now increasingly fashionable to eat.

Of course – I couldn’t possibly eat it. I rode a horse as a child and I couldn’t imagine eating horsemeat. I’m struggling to recall when I last had meat at all. Oh, it was chicken at a friend’s house, what, two weekends ago I think. That was the last time. And that was the first chicken I had eaten for years.

I really do think this vegetarian pescetarian inclination will carry through. I just sense it. I simply don’t want to eat meat any longer – even the favourites of old that I would once have liked: steak, bacon, an upmarket beefburger, etc, aren’t making me salivate as once they would.

I made a homemade vegetarian chilli the other evening (I ought to blog the recipe) and I was very pleased with it. Like any food – vegetarian food can be bland, insipid and not very tasteful at all. But equally, it can  be delicious and does not simply have to consist of ‘meat substitutes’.

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