Post holiday blues

To every ying there is a yang. Or something like that. The big downside of coming home from an exotic holiday is that you come down to earth with a rather sudden bang.

The weather in the UK is obscene. I naively expected to return to spring.  Today was horrendously cold – more cold than I can remember having felt in a long time. Actual temperature was about 0c, but the ‘feels like’ or ‘wind chill’ has been much closer to -10c. Really horribly cold with snow that blew horizontally.

The flat is warm so I have no worries there. But it’s depressing. Winter in this country goes on and on and on. I realise why so many Westerners settle in East Africa because for all the hardships, frustrations and I guess ‘dangers’ – there is a huge upside to living in a wonderful, year-round sunny and warm climate that is on the equator; tropical without the humidity is about as close to ‘perfect’ weather as you will ever get – and there is no true ‘winter’. You feel so totally different when you are warm, the sun is shining and the world is full of bright colours – dark blue skies on which fluffy white clouds are pinned, dark red earth and incredible flora and fauna; an ‘outdoorsy’ culture and more exotic and completely local fresh fruit and veg than you can imagine. I miss all of that.

Dreary, cold, grey, monochrome, depressing London is where I currently am.

A particularly unproductive day. I could blame ‘jet lag’ but a 3 hour time-difference doesn’t really make that a viable excuse. I was tired (I had flown through the night and not slept), but having gone to bed at 9.30pm and slept through until about 7.30am-8am, I feel pretty much ‘back to normal’ now on that score. But in terms of motivation and general ‘spirit’ – I feel at a particularly low ebb.

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