Review – The Mimic (Channel 4)


Really enjoyed this. It was billed as “a heart-warming comedy series” and that’s actually how I experienced it. It centres on the fortunes of Martin Hurdle (played by comic Terry Mynott), an everyday maintenance man with an uncanny ability to mimic voices. He’s in a dead end job (site maintenance at a pharma company) and in the first episode, he finds out he may be a father from a much earlier relationship; he meets his potential ‘son’ and they have a paternity test. I am not familiar with Terry Mynott but there is something of the ‘every man’ about him that is appealing.

I don’t tend to watch a lot of comedy but this was good. Reminded me (oddly?) of Being Human on BBC3. Quirky, unusual, but with characters that you warm to. The other main point of comparison is that it, too, is a real hybrid; it’s not a sitcom – but it’s inherently funny.

I did like the characters – the friend, the son, the co-worker – and especially the newsagent! Made me smile. I don’t find a lot on TV that is genuinely ‘heart warming’ but this worked for me so far (and I wasn’t even planning to watch it).

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