Nina and her dummies

Nina Campbell with her dummies

Prior to taking an indefinite leave from Twitter, I tweeted quite extensively about Nina Conti having watched two documentaries that she had been in – one was Make Me Happy: A Monkey’s Search for Happiness, the other was A Ventriloquist’s Story: Her Master’s Voice – both were excellent.

In my opinion – Nina is a the cutting edge of comedy in this country and is most certainly one of the foremost ventriloquists, globally.

Thank you to Turkey With Stuffin for bringing this clip to my attention; great find.

3 thoughts on “Nina and her dummies

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    1. Hi SB, you’ve been very quiet recently!

      In honesty, until I sort myself out on the job front and get some semblance of normality / routine back to my life – I’m preferring to stay in a more ‘reclusive place’ which effectively means no twitter. I’m not sure twitter brought out the best in me to be honest. I can do small talk and ephemera better than most and I would end up endlessly tweeting / droning on about the most inane things. At least with the blog, I am more considered with what I write (and hey, I’m being pretty regular with it these days!)

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