Dateline Europe – the beginning

We met outside a tube station in the West End. He had a nice smile. Green eyes; salt and pepper hair. Good teeth and good skin (yes, I’m aware that I’m starting to sound like a horse breeder).

He was slightly stockier than I had imagined, but as he was my height (6ft) he didn’t look out of proportion. And I’ve never been overly fond of thin men.

We decamped to an independent coffee shop where we spent the next two hours talking. He was interesting – an interesting job that takes him away quite a lot, mostly to different countries in Europe. We found plenty to talk about.

He’s older than me, by about 4 years. Of course that doesn’t worry me. I thought of him as quite masculine but also quite sensitive. He felt – genuine. I have always known that I need a ‘foil’ to my own sometimes ‘highly strung’  personality. I need an anchor I guess.

So we’ll see. After two hours in the coffee shop (which went in a flash), we then went on for a bite to eat where we spent another hour.

As first dates go it was good. We’ve been in touch since, by text message. It’s much – much too early to say whether we’re destined to be ‘star-crossed lovers’. But we both seem to have a similar approach to meeting new people: friends first. If that one day turns into a relationship –  great; but that’s not the singular motive. In a city this big, it’s not a bad approach to find friends first.

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    1. LOL, wish there was more to say! 😛 We’ve texted a few more times with the delay being my end as I’m trying to sort a lot of stuff out at the moment (finishing a freelancing job and getting ready for this interview tomorrow). I am certainly up for meeting him again.

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