Another major interview

It’s for the same job that I’ve been discussing these past few months. It’s for ‘job #1’. The really quite senior role with global travel at a very high end, New York head-quartered global firm. Exclusive and all the rest of it.

I’m seeing an even more senior person tomorrow to the one I saw 3-4 weeks ago. I can’t believe quite how many stages and interviews there are. It’s unnerving. Before each one I seem to have a crash of confidence just beforehand in which I think “I’m not good enough to get this job”. It’s silly. And issues like this have dogged me in the past. Doubtless there is some deep-seated psychological ‘root’ for it all but I don’t really want the Freud treatment quite yet (though believe me, it has crossed my mind to seek it).

So we’ll see. My ‘sponsor/advocate’ within the firm has said she wants, quote “more of the same please” in terms of what I apparently did at the last meeting. The guy last time was extremely senior, only – the guy I’m seeing tomorrow – is even more senior. Go figure.

What I do know is that I can’t do long-term unemployment¬†freelancing much longer and that I really do want this job. Keep fingers crossed.

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