Post interview

I’m getting fed up of interviews. I just want a job now. Or to be more accurate – I want to know whether this company is genuinely interested or whether I am just being strung out.

The briefing call this morning, with this key contact, implied that I am – at present – the only person in the frame for the role. More importantly, the message was that I had good feedback from the person I met last time – who is, indeed – very senior, sitting on the global ExCo.

So I went in to today’s meeting feeling fairly positive.

But… I didn’t connect particularly well with the guy I met. I found him very much in ‘Q&A’ mode and there was little rapport. He had been travelling, was not long back, and was in back to back meetings. So timing-wise our meeting wasn’t ideal.

I don’t know. I think my chances on getting this job have dropped from 60/40 to about 20/80. I’ll get feedback in the next couple of days; hopefully by the end of the week. At every interview there is the chance that the person you meet will veto your advancement.

We just didn’t connect – at least to my mind. He seemed mostly disinterested. Of course, I could just be reading too much into things and being overly-cynical. But my intuitive ‘read’ is that he didn’t see me as a fit for the role.

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