Being Human Final Series and Finale


It’s odd for me to watch every series (or ‘season’ as they call it over the pond). Most I sadly give up on. Examples would include Mad Men and True Blood. I really enjoyed them, but over time, you just can’t keep up. Even with Spooks I never watched the final series.

Being HumanThe exception for me has been cult British comedy-horror Being Human, the last ever series of which (number five) has recently finished on BBC3.

Of course, what with this blog being almost five years old – it’s easy enough to look back in the archive and read my first review of Being Human series one, when it aired in January 2009. I enjoyed it at the time, describing it as “Fairly eccentric stuff – it was a cross between This Life, Casualty and Interview with a Vampire.”

Interestingly – the three main characters were replaced by the last series (they’d started dying off in the third series if I recall correctly) and many thought that ‘wouldn’t work’ as the show was too dependent on them. But it did work, and the second generation of main characters have been great.

BBC3 is a strange channel. It’s the BBC’s answer to MTV (kind of) and it shows some very, very odd stuff. Being Human is probably the only thing I have ever watched on the channel.

Anyway, it was a great five-series run and I would certainly recommend it. ‘Comedy-horror’ just sounds odd. And yet – it really worked. Hats off to the writer, Toby Whithouse who did an excellent job with it and to all of the actors who have taken part in it.

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