Four tablets a day


The Doctor put me on another 1.5 months of these drugs plus a topical ointment that lives in the fridge.

I really don’t like the idea of longterm antibiotic use, but there we go. The other annoyance is that you can’t take them with food. You have to leave 2 hours between when you’ve had milk (annoying when you have cereal in the morning) and 1 hour from other foods.

Upside is – it’s working.

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  1. That’s what I was given too, after the amoxycillin didn’t work. If you read the leaflet it comes with, it says it’s used to treat gonorrhoea and chlamydia! I made sure not to leave the leaflet lying around at work. Also to correct breathing disorders in cattle. Nice!

  2. Did I miss what this is for?? (Skin?) I have to take iron and all the conditions are the same-milk, food etc. Except they make me ill so I just take it before bed and hope for the best!
    Love your pictures of ‘Maurice’ on Tumblr. One of my favourite books and films of all times. Have you read Strange Meeting by Susan Hill? think you’d like it.

  3. SM – Yeh, I did read something about that in the notelet though I hardly ever read those things!

    RO – Adult acne! The curse I bear (I tell myself) for looking ‘years younger’ than most people my age – LOL! My skin is pretty much fine now but was really quite bad in Jan. Lots of spots. Also had a flare-up on holiday which I blame on the extremely high humidity. Pleased to say it’s significantly better. Of course, it’s never totally ‘gone’ though. Annoying having to deal with such things in my mid-30s… Glad you are liking the Maurice pics and no! Not heard of Susan Hill or Strange Meeting. You’ve given me good book tips before so I will check that one out and add to my goodreads list – thank you.

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