Vegetarian lasagna

DSC_1118Courtesy of Delia. I was pleased with how it came out. Consistency was just right (I’d never made a white sauce before, sad but true). She does recommend salting the aubergine and courgettes to get rid of bitter juices (which I did). However, I was of the opinion that in this modern era, bitterness had been bred out of those vegetables.

I didn’t have basil (to go with the ratatouille-esque vegetables) or nutmeg to go in the sauce, but taste-wise it was still a solid 7.5/10.

Next time I would add some pine-nuts and probably spinach – a vegetable I particularly like. I would also probably completely spread the top with sliced tomatoes, packed a little more tightly. I would definitely use fresh pasta again only next time I would make more of an effort to make them fit the baking dish (though this is harder to do when it’s circular!). Mine mostly fitted (as I had cut them out with a saucer) but there were a few areas where they went up against the side of the dish which can make for messier work when it comes to serving.

A calorific dinner (though served with salad) but in this awful weather I’m not going to feel too guilty about consuming comfort food.

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  1. Milo, Milo, Milo, I despair of you… you are not in America – it is “lasagne” in Italian and here in Britain 🙂
    That aside, it looks really nice – the husband wouldn’t eat a veggie lasagne, unfortunately and whilst I’m not keen on aubergine, I think I could tolerate it in this – I certainly do in moussaka.
    I never salt courgettes, but I’ve heard about doing it for aubergines. I never have.

    1. LOL the funniest thing is I did think ‘lasagna’ looked wrong when I wrote it but it must be my spell checker here on chrome because when I typed ‘lasagne’ (as I’m doing as I write this) it comes up wrong!! Odd because my language setting in chrome is UK/En. But yeh, seems obvious now you’ve pointed it out! 😛

      I used to have ‘mixed’ feelings about aubergine but it’s grown one me. Worked particularly well in this dish. Love moussaka but have never made one.

      Sheridan wouldn’t eat a vegetarian lasagne either.

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