Breaking bread


I Eastered in the country seeing family. My relatives asked if I would bring down a loaf of home-made bread as they had heard on the familial grapevine that I made my own these days.

In honesty – I went through a phase of making my own, but as I’m still on something of a health kick, I’ve made very little bread so far this year. I adore bread. But it’s not particularly good for you. These days I tend to treat myself to a loaf of shop-bought sourdough a few times a month. One of my current favourites is the San Francisco Style Sourdough from M&S (needs to be an M&S with an in-house bakery). It’s very good. Not a big loaf and it’s about £1.89. When you’ve started eating sourdough – you’ll find that ‘normal’ loaves of supermarket / big label bread (especially the sliced type!) are horribly bland, ‘processed’ and tasteless in comparison.

Anyway, I made a wholemeal cob (pictured) for the relatives and they ended up using some of it for sandwiches which we ate quite late on Easter Sunday (we’d had a big lunch earlier in the day). I had very positive comments about it and I think it’s fair to say it exceeded most of their expectations.

Normal loaves are easy and so I’ve finally decided to try my hand at sourdough. My father (who lives a long way away on another Continent but with whom a regular topic of conversation is home-made food) – has thrown down the gauntlet on a number of occasions, asking me to try my hand at it. It’s an ‘involved’ process, put it that way. You need to start with a sourdough starter which you keep feeding and which lives in the fridge. You then take what you need each time you want to make a new loaf. The thing about sourdough is that it takes a lot longer to prove and the whole process is basically a lot more time consuming than a regular loaf.

So we’ll see. I’m commencing the sourdough starter today. It won’t be ready for use for another five or so days. Watch this space for updates.

6 thoughts on “Breaking bread

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  1. The ‘starter’ sounds like those stupid Herman the German cakes!
    I always thought sourdough was easy to make. I am obviously misinformed! I wonder what I was thinking of? Possibly soda bread.
    That loaf looks so tasty.

  2. Very impressed, you must have the touch. My loaves come out like breeze blocks on the whole. Like you I rarely eat bread even though I love it.
    Now, have you tried knitting…?

    1. Yes, as a child. Either we had to learn to knit at primary school, and/or my grandmother (who lived with us for a couple of years who was an avid knitter) taught me. Somewhere around the ages 8-10. Haven’t done it since, unfortunately. Also used to do the thing with the wooden bobbin (?) which makes cables.

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