George Mallory on Everest


Reading Into The Silence: The Great War, Mallory and the Conquest of Everest, by Wade Davis last year, really fired my interest on all things to do with George Mallory. It really was a magnificent book and I highly recommend it. I have also been semi-obsessed with all thing Everest related for quite some time and have read many books on the subject.

Anyway, it’s a while since I last did something creative myself – an objet d’art from my own hand, if you like. My category ‘notes to self’ does have some of my handiwork, but there hasn’t been a new one for ages. So I thought it was overdue – starting with the other Mallory quote I posted a moment ago.

The above image is a composite/pastiche that I made (not sure which word is correct) of a nude posed photograph of George Mallory, taken when he was 25-26, at 38 Brunswick Square, London, in 1912. I posted the George Mallory picture on my Tumblr blog a long time ago. The background image on the composite is a photo of the shadow of Everest that I found online. I can’t really claim huge artistic skill – if you know how to use layers and blending modes in Photoshop, such images are easy to create.

Like many of his class and in that era, Mallory had love affairs with men whilst at Cambridge before eventually entering into a conventional marriage.

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  1. He’s beautiful, isn’t he? He looks very uncomplicated here. How the war changed so much for so many men, but it made them live for the moment as well.
    Do you think the fact that he didn’t have Ruth’s picture on him meant he made it to the summit? I think it’s somehow fitting that we’ll probably never know.
    (I think you and I have a lot in common with our reading and general interests. I also like to read round a subject when I’m interested. I did this with Oscar Wilde and it was all fascinating!) D

    1. The fact the last photo of him was 800 vertical feet below the summit, and the fact he didn’t have Ruth’s photo on him, do make me think rather strongly that they made it. Having said that, of course, if you lose your life on the descent, horrid is at it sounds, then I kind of think it doesn’t count. Though I suppose in some ways it ‘does’ as he potentially was the first person in the history of mankind to stand on the tallest point on earth. Hmm.

      Yes, we do have a lot of common interests, especially regarding books, things that are home-made and anything from the past!

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