Domestic God

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I hadn’t been overly confident of the rolls when working on the dough – which seemed over sticky. Instead of relying only on the food mixer, I turned the dough out onto the work surface and finished it by hand.

In the far North of England they eat ‘barm cakes’ and this is what the recipe was. We don’t have them down south. They’re basically a soft white roll / bap (they have a bit of sugar added). Lovely and soft, even two days after coming out of the oven. Absolutely screaming out to be eaten as part of a sausage or bacon butty (of which I have neither) but I’m enjoying them on their own. I had never made rolls before and although there is a little bit of fiddling (rolling them out, etc) – I would definitely make them again as I’m so pleased with the taste and texture.

The lemon cake was about as easy as it gets. Prep time about five minutes. The picture is of the middle section as we ate one end for dessert and I gave Sheridan 1/2 the cake which included the other end. The loaf tin was a little on the large side, hence the slightly stooped height of the cake.

Both recipes from Paul Hollywood’s How To Bake.

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