victor-vasarely-air-france-amerique-du-sud-c-1946In approximately 3 weeks time I will be on the Continent in the south (east) of France for a week’s R&R. The house in France is let most of the year (well, most of spring through autumn) but we usually manage to keep a couple of weeks here and there to use it (my mum owns it).

This will be my second family holiday in three months! Crazy. But I’m looking forward to the R&R and by then, the temps should be low-mid 20s (it’s getting up to about 20-21c down there at the moment as it is). It’s on the Spanish border so by mid summer, it’s almost too hot. The month of May should be a good time.

It will be the usual – lots of food, wine, reading, local sightseeing. My mum has a number of friends in the area whom we’ll doubtless catch up with. She has also promised a close friend of the elderly neighbour (who she gets on very well with) to give her English lessons, which I’ve warned may fall to me. Well, I was an English teacher many moons ago, but I’d be incredibly rusty now. But I guess it would just be conversation and it is my intention to pick up French again (after 20 years!) so it could work both ways.

As a child I was quite indifferent to France. We went there so many times when I was growing up (when we lived in the UK at least) and I longed only to visit America which seemed far more glamorous. Now that I am (much) older – I have, in truth, finally morphed into that most middle-aged and middle-class of things: the Francophile. I just really like it: the culture, the lifestyle, their approach to food as well as numerous other things. It just feels very different to the UK (thankfully).

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    1. You are bilingual though with your Turkish! I’m currently monolingual – but now trying to do something about it! 😛

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