Comment ça-va?

So my brain is now in over-drive as I return to the classroom. I am studying French 5x a week (3 hours a day). Total mental overload but the teacher and school are very good.

It’s 20 years (possibly 21) since I last studied French. It really does feel like a lifetime ago. I have big regrets that I didn’t take it forward to A-Level, which would have been a sensible thing to do have done, seeing as I studied it for 5 years up to and including GCSE. But we all look back at decisions we made at that age and talk about what we might have done differently.

The joy of being long-term unemployed freelancing is that I can finally do something like this, which I’ve talked about wanting to do for quite some time. Sure, I could have done it on top of my old 50-hour a week job, for say 1-2 hours an evening once – possibly twice – a week. But I have little doubt I would have missed plenty of lessons and progress would have been slow.

Now I have lots of time on my hands – the intensive way is ideal. The entire lesson is in French (which is actually fine, surprisingly) but there’s still quite a lot to cover. Plenty of vocab and phrases have come back to me. Verb conjugation less so. I still struggle – a lot – with pronunciation; but who doesn’t.

As I said – intensive. The classmates are nice, and only a small number of us, which is ideal. Younger than me and many of them already multilingual (I am the only UK national in the class; quelle suprise). Learning other languages is not something the British are well known for.

This evening I have 18 verbs to learn (in the present tense), plus homework…

The reality is I will probably be blogging a fair bit less over the next month or so. But I do hope to include some regular updates.

À bientôt!

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