Je pars en vacances

In less than 24 hours I’ll be on the Continent.

Somewhat annoyingly, the weather in le sud is not great at the moment, but there we go. In the mountains I’m told it’s been 5 c with snow flurries. Ah well. I’m still really looking forward to getting away.

montagnesMy French studies have been intense – though good. In terms of progress – still early days. These past 2 weeks have certainly involved trying to recap on what once I knew – not having studied French since GCSE which I finished 20 years ago.

But there’s been a strong sense of inspiration. I might even go so far as to say that a crucible moment has been experienced.

Lots of ‘big things’ starting to take shape in my mind. A sense of wanting to take hold – finally – of my own destiny, and to be in the driving seat. This is to be contrasted with, what, my last 3 jobs? All of which came to me via someone else (the two big ones, one of which lasted 5.5 years, the other 4 years – were jobs that former colleagues recommended me for / got me in). I haven’t been in the actual driving seat of my future in over a decade; I’ve been in the passenger seat, passively moving from role to role. Following my dreams? Forget it.

And any desire to return to the world of ‘corporate London life’ has rapidly and quite substantially fallen away.

Instead, I have the seeds of a new Adventure starting slowly to take form. An exit from this country – something that close friends know that I have been talking about for such a very long time; like a broken record.

The next week away will give me time to reflect and to start to lay out a road-map for the future.

A recent birthday has also had an effect similar to a bucketful of water over the head, awaking me from a certain stupor. The prospect of sleepwalking my way into middle-age – strapped fast to the passenger seat – is a singularly nightmarish vision.

Watch this space.

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  1. If these plans for your future ‘career’ involve moving to S. France and starting up a B&B, I’d be soooooo there ! Have a great time over there and wow the locals with your native tongue…….you naughty man !

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