Les montagnes


A photo snapped from the car whilst driving to the airport yesterday. Sod’s law – the weather was stunning, the best of the week. Overall the weather hadn’t been bad though (other than the day I arrived, during which there was heavy rain).

An enjoyable time – relaxing, sooo much good food, where to begin? Oysters, mussels, rabbit, boeuf bourguignon, fish, tarte aux pommes, soooo much cheese, French bread, Catalan saucission, paella (across the border in Spain), etc.

Remember how I’m ostensibly vegetarian? Yeh, well… that kind of goes on hold when I go to France.

Slept well, loved the cool, clear mountain air; saw friends of the family, did some great drives, headed into Northern Spain.

Spoke some French – obviously – but surprisingly, less than I might have liked.

What have I come back to? The rise of UKIP? The UK moving ever more to the right? Endless child sex-abuse scandals?

Spent time talking to British people that have lived for more than a decade in France, understanding the pros and cons. I won’t forget their “Wild horses wouldn’t bring us back to the UK” comment.

And now I’m back in London.

So, so, so ready to exit this country. It isn’t going to happen overnight but let’s just say that a plan is forming…

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