Long hot summer

Garry Winogrand | 1964
Garry Winogrand | 1964

It’s turning into a long hot summer. The projected high for today is 32c. I like it, though I keep my shutters mostly closed which means it can feel a bit claustrophobic at times (although the flat is thankfully fairly spacious and has high ceilings).

What have I been up to? Freelancing, scoping for my next permanent role, a bit of travelling. The recent travelling has been of the UK sort, starting in Leeds (Harewood House and some other sights) and then on to Newcastle to stay with friends. That included trips almost as far as the Scottish border – to Bamburgh Castle. Weather very good overall (huge contrast to the last time I was up north).

Not a great deal else going on. I am still doing lots of cooking – probably worthy of another post as I have two (new) favourite chefs now whose books I’m addicted to, but who aren’t part of the mainstream ‘Nigel and Nigella’ crowd.

The one major annoyance is that Google Reader is no more. That is what drove my ‘recommended reading’ on my blog, which I also used as a blogroll of sorts to keep up with others’ posts. With that gone, I’m left somewhat high and dry. I know there are alternative things (like Feedly) but I want to embed all of my RSS feeds into one and then promote on my blog – as before!

I have also left self-hosted and am back on wordpress.com (albeit with my own URL). No real reason to go self-hosted I don’t think – I’ve always risked the ‘style over substance’ going down that route and it’s never really led to increased output from me. So I’m going for a very simple template now. The one thing I miss that you can’t do on wp.com (unlike on self-hosted) is the ‘related content’ plug-in which works really well. And when you have 800+ blog posts on your site, as I do, it’s particularly valuable. Oh well, maybe one day wp.com will implement it.

Anyway, hope those in my old network of readers/bloggers are doing well. I will be catching up on others’ sites.

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  1. Hi SB – I did think of you as we were passing through! Trained it to Leeds, then hire car, visit to Harewood House then on to Harrogate. Stayed there 2 nights before moving to the NE. Will probably be doing same again next year so will let you know next time!

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