The German Question


So I’ve been offered a job in Germany. Bit of a long story and no point going into excessive detail, but it’s with former colleagues in their new business venture (which will be global but German head-quartered). I know them pretty well and quite like the people.

I wouldn’t have to live in Germany – I could do it full-time from the UK and go over say one day a fortnight (!). It’s just over a 1h flight from London to Dusseldorf, so that isn’t so bad, but I don’t like airports or the stress of air travel so I’m not sure how that would work for me. And actually, I would hate the thought of being in a job in which I’m on my own all day! I’m doing that at the moment as a freelancer and it definitely does not suit me (long term).

So it got me thinking about what if I were to ‘move’ properly? Germany dominates all the headlines these days. It leads Europe, its economy is vastly more impressive than Britain’s. I watched Rick Stein’s food documentary on Germany last night which I quite enjoyed – the country has vastly more ‘culture’  and plus-points than the average Briton thinks. Tonight there is a program on living in Germany called Make Me German which I will also watch.

To be clear – I like Germany and the Germans I have met. The issue I would have is around the language. Sure, most of them speak English and at work I would speak English – but I would languish without the language and feel hamstrung. I did German at GCSE 20 years ago and really struggled with it and did not much like it at all. If only it were France we were talking about – my (just) low-intermediate ability would at least see me through – and I of course love the language and plan to finally master it, hence the French studies I’ve been doing on the side. I’d struggle but it would be doable and I love France, it’s culture, language, etc, so would be packing my bags without further ado.

But Germany I’m just less sure. Were it Berlin, I’d probably be much more up for going (though I’ve never been, but heard really good things about it). Düsseldorf is OK and quite a nice city, but has less appeal overall.

Further conversations to be had.

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