Make Me German

So I watched the BBC doc ‘Make Me German‘. Germany is really rather different to the UK, though I suppose I knew that. Much more community-orientated. Very different approach to bringing up children and thus the lives of working mothers (the vast majority of mothers do not work). Nothing open on a Sunday. Most people joining clubs of one sort or another. The UK is so… individualistic. English friends of my mum (who have lived in France for 10+ years) said the same thing and how different France was to the UK in that respect.

Why is it the UK is so obsessed at the individual level? It’s the whole ‘Englishman and his castle’ thing I suppose.

Personally, I regard myself as more community orientated in contrast to being individualistic, but I think that’s probably the ENFP in me.

Anyway, I’m working on a big project for my German client at the moment. Am not any clearer in my mind about whether I want to live out there or not, yet. The feeling that I definitely, definitely want to get out of the UK remains, however. That desire has persisted for more than 10 years mind you.

This song (which I’ve blogged before) is so very German and quite fun.

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