So I got back on my bike today

vintage cycling

Only the second time in the last 10 months or so (i.e. since I left full-time work at the end of autumn last year). Working from home these past few months – I just haven’t needed to commute.

In addition, there is a undoubtedly an element of ‘losing one’s nerve’. Cycling in London does take a degree of nerve, especially at the outset. You realise after you start doing it that it’s really not that bad if you’re careful and think through your route so there are no surprises.

Cycling feels great though. I forgot just how fast it is to get from A to B. So I cycled to my classes this morning and got there in a little over 10 minutes. Both tyres on my bike were flat (as they would be not having been pumped in almost a year!) so I sorted those out first thing. My bike could probably do with a service and it has been ‘outdoors’ this past year, though under a bike-tarpaulin type thing, which has certainly kept the rust off.

The only slightly bad thing is that I cannot find my cycling helmet (!), odd though that is. I live in a one-bedroom flat in Central London, albeit quite a spacious one – but even so – I can’t quite figure out how I can have misplaced a cycle helmet… Not really sure where else to look. Under my bed perhaps? I actually haven’t looked there yet.

So as well as helping get fit, saving money and giving me that buzz that only cycling can give – I’m happy to be ‘back in the saddle’.

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