When the going gets tough

Been one of those weeks.

So manic. Studying mornings – and I was pushed up into a higher class. NOT because of my ability, let’s be clear, but because the class for my level wasn’t running as not enough students at that level. They have a habit of doing this. So I got bumped into the higher class – which was running. And boy was it tough. Language learning isn’t easy at the best of times – but when you feel like the thickest in the class – it ain’t a great feeling.

Work-wise I’m currently working on the largest freelance project I’ve won since leaving full-time work at the end of last year. The fee is good, but work-wise it’s hard going, lots of variables, and we’re on deadline for the end of next week.

So I’ll be working Sat/Sun/Bank Holiday Mon, including have a call with said client (in another country) at 9am (!!!!!!!!!!) on Bank Holiday Monday.

Anyyway. As our friends across the pond might say, I freaking love the song I’ve posted above. I love all things 80s. I’m stuck in that decade. Go figure.

After the abstinence of Monday/Thursday (don’t ya just love the FastDiet) I’ve gone totally the other way today – or so it seems. Currently throwing back the vino, nice big dinner, lots of home-made bread earlier, crisps, popcorn. Oh how I love food. Going out for brunch with Sheridan tomorrow (after his medical appointment on Harley Street first thing; don’t ask; though actually it’s something rather anodyne).

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  1. I’m doing the Fast Diet as well. Coupled with the power walking I’ve lost a stone over the summer holiday. I wouldn’t say it’s been easy but I suppose I feel better!
    I was interested in your post on Facebook. I was on it at the beginning, years ago, but cancelled the account and started a new one as I got so many dodgy requests for dates from South American gigolo-types (oh, how I’d cherish them now). I don’t have many friends and don’t just add anyone I’ve vaguely heard of just to rack up numbers. I like to post my daily exercise as a way to motivate myself really as it ties in with the app I use, which a couple of friends use as well. I love it to see what my US friends are up to as they use it more like a blog.
    I’ve notice that blog readership had plummeted over the year and I think Instagram has a lot to answer for. Maybe people just like the comic book element of only looking at pictures.

  2. Justin – Le Francais! And yes, I have posted quite a lot recently. It remains cathartic as always. Hope all well in your world!

    RO – yes I remember reading about it on your site. Congrats on 1 stone, that’s a serious amount! I am not at that figure yet (probably about 10 lbs; I’ve been on it just over a month now). Yeh, FB has its uses. As mentioned, as a means of staying connected to very old friends I find it useful. But the ‘day to day’ stuff; ugh.
    Yeh, interesting you also saw blog traffic plummet. It’s like letter-writing, seen as rather passe and everyone prefers email (the comparison being Twitter/Facebook vs blogging). Instagram I don’t mind but my old phone camera is crap. I have just ordered a new phone, though, so perhaps it’s time it may be time to start using instagram again!

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