We drink to forget the coming storm

The busiest few weeks I can remember in ages.

The largest (and most lucrative) freelancing project I’ve worked on since leaving full time work almost a year ago. Worked most evenings and all through the Bank Holiday Weekend.

The European client happy at least. As they should be.

My studies especially manic, and timing-wise, far from ideal, doing those whilst this big project was on.

Slept until 10.30am this morning. Extremely unlike me to sleep for that length of time or to get up so late (I usually rise between 8-9 on a weekend). Think that indicates just how tired I am.

Not long back from the Proms, my second in less than a week. Enjoyable – as they invariably are.

Now preparing pudding for a late Sunday lunch I’m throwing here tomorrow. It’s been in the oven over an hour and still not set…. hmmm.

Just scoffed another doughnut whilst sipping my third G&T of the evening. It’s one of those evenings.

Indulging myself by watching 1980s music (as above). I really wish I could open a door to the past and walk back into the 1980s. Either that or (perhaps preferably) the 1930s. Go figure.

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