He works hard for the money

Busy weekend. Proms on Saturday night were very good – it was the Film Prom. What’s not to like about a 100+ piece orchestra belting out the likes of Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien and quite a few others. Really very good.

Cycled home and started cooking for Sunday’s lunch. Had a crème caramel pudding to make and it took a lot longer than I’d expected. Didn’t end up getting to bed until about 1am as it didn’t seem to be setting. Gin helped. (I’m realising, incidentally, that my last post was a somewhat gin-induced one, and that I’m therefore repeating myself!).

Fast-forward to Sunday morning. Slept badly and woke with something of a hangover. Rare for me as – contrary to popular belief – I don’t drink excessively these days.

Sunday lunch pretty good. Slow roast belly of pork for the meat eaters and a very nice (Simon Rimmer) vegetarian concoction – think aubergines, tomato, chestnut mushrooms, etc, topped with a cheesy mash. I actually preferred that to the meat dish. Having said that – the pudding did not entirely set. It was about 80% set. Still tasted nice, but needed serving from the dish, rather than turning out like a jelly which had been the original plan.

After the lunch guest lefts, another friend came over in the evening, the one who lives a couple of streets from me. I had a lingering headache that had lasted most of the day but I still managed another glass or two of wine.

Today has been quiet. A big contrast to the last 2-3 weeks. A little bit of final work on the ‘big project’ that has kept me busy, but otherwise, a quiet day. It’s also a fasting day (I’m doing the 5:2 diet, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere) – so it’s been a very monastic kind of day. Oh how I’m looking forward to tomorrow – bread, cheese, carbs, etc!

The song (up top) came to mind as I have worked like a madman the last few weeks. When one is self-employed, one does work hard for one’s money!

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