Because we are living in a material world

I treated myself to a new phone in light of the fee I’m getting from this overseas client (the fee hasn’t been paid yet but I only invoiced them today). It was for quite a lot.

My mobile these past 3-4 years has been the iPhone 3G. Not a bad phone but something of a dinosaur compared with the newer models. The camera for one thing is crap. Email is great, so easy and intuitive to use – same for texting. Internet not bad, screen nothing special, not a lot of memory (8GB) and the phone rather slow. Not horribly laggy – but definitely not fast.

The volume ‘rocker’ (button) fell off not long ago. Not a problem, volume can be adjusted with your nail and it’s fine, works no problem. But I was starting to feel dinosaur like.

So I ended up going for an Android as I wasn’t going to shell out (I’m PAYG) for an iPhone 5 and even the 4S seemed on the steep side. In the end I got an Android – a Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s huge compared to the old iPhone, has a stunning screen, is very fast, and also has a much better camera (including front camera, which the old one didn’t have) and flash, expandable memory slot, etc. Under £300 and should last me 2 or so years I think.

The old iPhone feels more solid, more premium than the Samsung, but I guess I always knew that was going to be the case. Apple products carry a price premium and you pay a lot for the aesthetic.

The email on the Android is not (for me) as intuitive (even with a paid app) as was the case with the iPhone, but I’m loving the great screen, the fast processor, lots of space, the camera, the flexibility, etc. So it’s all good.

Who knows – maybe this new toy will bring me back into the world of Instagram (now, somewhat ubiquitous – at least much more so than ‘back in the day’ when not so many of us were on it).

I went to a meeting this morning way out in N.London and a smart phone is so invaluable with its GPS feature. What did we do in the age before smart phones, and before the internet? I guess I would have asked someone for directions instead.

I also used the new mob to Skype my dad (who resides 4,000 miles away on another continent) and it was so much better than doing it on the laptop. I had the cam standing portrait on the desk and it was all so sharp and clear on both sides. Amazing to think how far technology has come.

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