Hungry Eyes

Hmm; as tenuous ‘videos reflecting the actual blog content’ go, this is as tenuous as it gets. But I did have hungry eyes last night as I did my second weekly fast on the Wednesday (I usually do it on the Thursday). Let’s see – a bowl of muesli for breakfast (Swiss style, no salt, no sugar); lunch was a few lettuce leaves, pickled onions and some pickled beetroot (I’m out of fresh). Dinner was a single corn on the cob, followed by a small banana. I’d say that was probably well below the 600 calorie threshold that is the men’s allowance when you’re on 5:2 (the 5:2 / fast diet).

I felt fine, as I invariably do. But by about 9pm I was feeling nauseous which is unlike me. I rarely ever get nausea. I think it was just having had an empty stomach for so much of the day. I tried to dig out the ‘dom perignon’ (my nickname for the prescription drug domperidone (aka Motillium); a really good drug that interestingly cannot be bought in the US as it doesn’t have a license). It’s amazing if you ever suffer from nausea. I did find some old tablets but they were out of date so instead I went to bed.

Slept amazingly, 8-9 hours (my normal would be 7 or so). So have felt great most of today and had a productive day. Baking bread in the morning, bit of shopping in the afternoon, call with US client in Houston later in the day, now cooking again (vegetarian moussaka) and a bottle of wine on the go.

The fasting is over for this week so it’s now a case of living it up for the next 4 days :D. Have seen incredible results from this 5:2 diet but that’s for another post 😉

As an aside, I love the 1987 movie ‘Dirty Dancing’!

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