Because winter is coming

How extraordinary the weather has been the past week. On Thursday 5th of September it was about 30c in London – dark blue skies and extremely warm. 

And then it all changed. The following day the temperature had dropped to about 17c and cloudy, and just two days later – the high had dropped to 13c accompanied by heavy rain and dark, brooding skies.


This weather and temperature change coincided perfectly with ‘the end of summer’ – kids going back to school and everyone back at work.

We’ve had the best summer for many years, certainly at least since 2006 from what I’ve read. This followed, of course, one of the coldest winters we have also had in years. So it will be interesting to see what autumn and winter will be like this year.

For my part – I love autumn. Having lived in New England and also Japan – both of which are renown for their ‘falls’ – I do feel a strong affinity for that season. I love those shortening days, when there is a real chill in the air – but the sun is out – and a strong breeze kicks up the fallen leaves. That really is my favourite type of weather. I also love the clothes that come out in the autumn. Scarves, gloves, long coats. Anything in wool.

I’m looking forward to it.

Pictures of fall fashion via Esquire, click for more.

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