Something of an Indian summer

After a couple of bad weeks of weather – the past few days have been pretty good. I’d even go so far as to say that the last few days have felt like ‘Indian summer’ ones.

Today started with a heavy fog that rolls off the Thames, which is just down the road from me. This lasted most of the morning but by lunchtime it was replaced with sun and temperatures in the low 20s (celcius).

I went for a run in the afternoon, around Battersea Park. I think it’s my favourite park in London. Less touristy than Hyde Park or Green Park / St James’ Park – yet such a quintessentially London park. Beautiful mansion houses on the south side – and bordered by the Thames on the north side. It’s large, too.

Running for the first time in many months was a bit of a shock to the system but it could have been worse. I used the free Nike app on my phone for the first time. It was ok – though the initial read-outs (coming over the headphones when I was trying to listen to music) were a little odd, but they subsided.

I ran 3.78 miles in 45 mins. I think that’s ‘ok’. Certainly won’t be winning any marathons at that pace but it was a lovely sunny, balmy afternoon and I burned 450 calories in the process. This made my post-run home-made scone (from the freezer, I’d taken it out beforehand) – rather less guilt-inducing. Scones are funny things. I always thing they ‘ought’ to taste best straight out of the oven – but every time I’ve made a batch, they taste better from the freezer (allowed to defrost and then warmed in the oven). A bit of butter and some raspberry jam (I tend to always buy Bonne Maman but it has been on my mind to make my own jam at some point).

Dinner was fish-pie – home-made, naturally, and also from the freezer. That and steamed veg. Washed down with German beer (the Franziskaner Weissbier, bought at Sainsbury’s, to which I’m always partial).

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