Tea and Toblerone

tea and toblerone

Some say ‘jam and Jerusalem’; I say ‘tea and Toberlone’.

I tend to keep chocolate in the fridge and – generally – have the willpower to only eat one or occasionally two pieces at a time.

I have less control when it comes to alcohol. I opened a bottle of red last night and drank about 2/3rds of it (over the course of the entire evening, i.e. 6pm – 11pm). ‘Just one glass of wine’ is an impossibility for me and always has been. I don’t actually drink that much these days (and can hardly remember when I last ‘over did it’; long time ago. But that said – I find it nigh-on impossible to have ‘just one drink’. I’d rather not have any at all. Is strange.

With chocolate, though, I can do the ‘just one bit’ no problem.

3 thoughts on “Tea and Toblerone

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  1. I’m just as bad as you with wine, but unfortunately equally bad with “just one chocolate”. I have to say, though, I find the combination of chocolate and red wine much more pleasing than chocolate and tea. With tea I’d rather have jam. Chocolate goes well with coffee, but coffee and I had to agree to an amicable divorce in my 30s, alas 🙂

  2. I agree that wine & chocolate are a match made in heaven. I had both yesterday. Am about half way through that bar now! Am averaging 3 pieces a day. I guess that’s not SO bad. It is a large bar though – 400g!

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