Festive baking – sausage rolls & mince pies

So today I baked. Sausage rolls and (mini) mince pies. I made the sausage-meat mix using best-quality pork sausages, a chopped spring onion, some garlic, a bit more onion – and a handful of chopped parsley and a scant pinch of chilli powder. However, I used shop-bought puff-pastry. For the mince-pies – I made my own pastry (it contains ground almonds and also cream cheese) – but I used a jar of shop-bought mincemeat.

Next year I would really like to make both the filling and the pastry.

Anyway, very pleased with how both came out. I used my new high-qual mini-muffin tin (heavy) and they cooked really evenly and came out of the tin no problem. They really are small – each pie holding about a 1/2 teaspoonful of mincemeat.

The sausage rolls are better than the batch I made 1-2 weeks ago. The filling tastes better (I didn’t add water to it, which the BBC Goodfood recipe recommends) – and I didn’t use the food processor this time – instead using a knife to blitz the herbs/onions and then my hands to mix it all together. They’re also smaller than the last ones I made. The tip here is to (after rolling up the pastry) leave it in the fridge for a while before taking it out to slice thin pieces, using a heavy/sharp knife.

My Christmas soiree is tomorrow and I have a few more things to bake in the day.

Click any image for larger.

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    1. Thank you – Happy Christmas to you too! šŸ™‚

      I hadn’t heard of it before either. The cream cheese is in the pastry (rather than the mincemeat). I guess it just makes it a bit richer, you can’t really taste it as such. Recipe is from Dan Leppard’s ‘Short & Sweet’ which is one of my favourite cook books (all things baking/sweet related).

  1. Hi Milo, great blog! I am hoping you can help me with something. I notice your blog (and many others) have “related posts” and a no-color social sharing button set-up. I have the jetpack plugin but cannot see a way to enable these features. I appreciate your time!

    1. Hi. Although my blog has a custom domain it is not self-hosted (it’s not a wordpress.org blog, it’s a wordpress.com blog). So no jetpack plug-in here. If you are on self-hosted which sounds like the case, I would use nrelated-content plug-in (I think that’s the name) which I have used on self-hosted sites and like. Not sure about ‘no color’ sharing button set-up I’m afraid. I just use the dashboard / settings / sharing settings to choose the sharing options that I have, but there is nothing about colour there. Again, this is likely to be because I’m on wp.com rather than .org.

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