Quarter of a million

Where does the time go. The rhetorical question one always finds oneself asking.

Three months since last I blogged. And so much has happened in that time. I guess the key thing to say is that I’m now back in the world of (permanent) work after a hiatus / career break – call it what you will – of 16 months. I had never imagined it would turn into so long. I did of course work during that time – freelancing – but it was very different to permanent work and I only did the equivalent – man-hours wise – of a part-time job. This itself was quite erratic – ranging from a few very busy periods to longer periods during which I had very little work on.

Looking back I enjoyed the break I had. Stepping off the hamster wheel, being my own boss and also finding time to study, travel, cook, relax – is something I would recommend to any one. I have no regrets.

Coming back to full-time salaried work has been an experience. It’s been more than five years since I was last ‘new’ into a job and in truth I had forgotten what that can feel like. But it’s been good. I’m now into my 4th week and am enjoying the work, the organisation and the people.

Like any role and any workplace – there are frustrations and not everything is perfect. But ‘on balance’ – especially when I consider the culture, the role, the future opportunities – etc – it’s all positive.

So I’m also back to commuting by bike again. It’s very short; about one mile. I love not having to use public transport to get to work. Cycling has its own frustrations (mostly generated by other road users) but the journey is so comparatively short that it really is an enjoyable, stress-free way of getting to work. And because where I now work has a very strong emphasis on work / life balance – I find myself having my entire evenings to myself. I can cook, socialise, catch up, do some of my freelancing (I have some unfinished small projects and some longer, retained work on the go). I no longer have that ‘exhausted’ feel that is so common in much of London’s workforce.

So we’ll see. It’s early days, of course, but I’m already feeling fairly settled (and it’s a large organisation so there is a lot to get your head around).

The title for this blog post reflects that the blog itself has now crashed through the 250k hits mark. A minor milestone. I’m still surprised that it’s going after all these years. I guess, though, that it’s the de facto diary I never really had. So much is captured in the 800+ blog posts that cover the past 5-6 years. Interestingly – the very beginning of this blog (autumn 2008) is when I was commencing my last big career move.

Hoping that all who read this had a good Christmas break and are having a good start to 2014.

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