Springtime in London

Today was perhaps the most glorious day of the year so far. After 3+ long months of near continuous rain (the wettest winter since records began) – it does now, finally, feel like the bad weather has subsided. The sky was glitteringly blue, the sun warm and the breeze cool. It was about 18c in London and I think the sun shone across most of the country.

I cycled to Battersea Park – a 10 minute or so trip. The roads were clogged with cars and I was very grateful for the cycle superhighway that provides mostly unhindered access for cyclists.

I took a few photos. I did process them a bit in Lightroom and quite like how they’ve come out. The spring blossom on the trees reminded me of the cherry blossoms I had seen in Japan all those years ago, when I was living there. Spring and autumn in Japan are spectacular and the seasons are, overall, much more distinct than they are in the UK.

Battersea Park is my favourite London park and Battersea Power Station is certainly one of my favourite landmarks. It’s at the beginning of an enormous multi-billion-pound makeover which will see the entire area changed. Thankfully the chimneys will be saved. Click here to see what new development will look like or check the video below:

Click photos at the top of this post for larger.

4 thoughts on “Springtime in London

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  1. Good lord! Those photos are beautiful! I had no idea spring was that far along over there! No sign of even the teensiest buds on the trees here, yet, let alone flowers. And although we had a few days in the past week or so that were almost approaching springlike, it was back below freezing again today 😛 This has been one of the coldest / snowiest winters in a long long time here. You had winds and floods and rain; we had our polar vortices 🙂

    I’m so, so, so ready for spring. These photos are making me really wish I was in London right now. But then I always wish I were in London 🙂

    I never knew you lived in Japan! Or if I did I’ve forgotten. You’ve been around quite a bit! 🙂

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