Six and a half weeks

Where does the time go?

Am 6.5 weeks into my new job.

As each week goes past – I get to know more people and everything feels slightly less confusing and easier to get my head around.

The work restaurant/canteen is turning into something of a daily fixture. Today I even opted for a pudding, too. This won’t be good for the waist-line long term.

What else. Well, I cycle to work every day. I really enjoy cycling and at circa one mile, it’s really quite an easy journey on back streets. I don’t wear any cycling gear at all – only normal work clothes. Nor do I go at any great speed. This is in contrast to my last permanent job in which I commuted 2-3 miles each way every day (still quite short compared to many people) – but that route took me on the cycling superhighways and I cycled much faster.

I still long for the day when London will be more like Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Berlin – i.e. where cyclists are ‘normally’ attired, rather than dressed in full-blown road-warrior gear. Hard to say if/when that day will come.

So work is going pretty well overall. Inevitably I have some days where I think “hmmm, this is probably only going to be a 1-2 year job” and others where I think “hmm, I think I’m going to build a long-term career here”. Only time will tell.

In other news – I’m off to France for 6 days at the end of next week. Driving all the way down and then flying back. There is now internet at the house so I won’t just be reliant on the cafe across the square as has usually been the case.

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  1. Once I start commuting by bike (also about a mile each way) I will probably wear casual clothes as I don’t have to wear work attire. But when I go out for my “training” rides (ha) I do wear padded cycling tights and a cycling jacket, (a) for comfort and (b) to be seen. My boss goes out in full branded cycling wear – I don’t think I’ll ever do that. He is trying to talk me into getting cleats at the moment! What bike do you have, I can’t remember?

    1. I have a Specialized Hybrid. It’s OK for city-commuting. The tyres aren’t that thin (upside: no punctures) but the frame is still a bit-racer like (tho normal handle-bars rather than drop). Not comfortable when cycling in a suit I can tell you. Jeans not a problem, most most of the time I do wear suit trousers. I’d love an old fashioned traditional / Dutch type bike for such a short commute. Trouble is my end – I have 3 (short) flight of stairs. Other end is fine as I can park very securely in the office compound at ground level (we have 2300 people in our building so cyclists are well catered for!). Glad to see you got the cycling bug!!!!

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