Working for Miranda Priestly


At least – working for Miranda Priestly is what it feels like. To those that would profess not to know – Miranda is the fictional editor played by Meryl Streep in the movie Devil Wears Prada (and based on the real-life Vogue editor Anna Wintour).

This is at my new workplace. Miranda is immaculately dressed. Middle aged. Slim. Very expensively attired. Ultra-sharp Cleopatra-style hair-cut (that’s my terminology, I guess it’s more properly called a bob). Middle aged men fear her. People back away when they see her in public areas. She knows that she has that effect on people. And she revels in it. And she’s one of the most senior directors in the organisation I now work for.

She’s not my boss – but she’s someone I’m now having to do a very big project with/for. It’s in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. And I’m running it. That’s the very big difference when comparing this role with my last. The sheer size of the budgets. Huge.

So Miranda is ‘OK’. So long as you’re performing and she rates you she is generally ‘OK’. So long as this project (which won’t complete for a month) runs smoothly things will be OK. But I would absolutely not want to be on the wrong side of her or to screw up on this project.

There aren’t many ‘Mirandas’ in my new place. In fact – she’s the only one I can think of. That was almost part of the point of changing sector. To get away from the ‘big personalities’. But I guess there is always one.

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