Because all the world’s a stage

Have enjoyed several jaunts at the theatre just recently.

Handbagged, currently on at the Vaudeville, is a must-see. It’s a comedic dramatised handbaggedaccount of the private meetings between Margaret Thatcher and the Queen. It’s had rave-reviews, and for good reason. Fenella Woolgar plays (the younger) Thatcher and she has absolutely nailed Thatcher’s mannerisms – way more so than Meryl Streep did in Iron Lady. She played the Honourable Agatha Runcible in Steven Fry’s movie Bright Young Things (from the Evelyn Waugh novel from whence, I might add, the term ‘we danced all night’ essentially came from) – which is where I’d seen her before. It also stars Stella Gonet, who some may recall was in House of Eliott, way back in the early nineties – which I used to watch.

I also saw Jeeves and Wooster at the Duke of York. It attracts a somewhat eccentric crowd (including lots of Americans) – and really does appeal to those who like the books. I quite liked it. It was cleverly done and really quite funny, but as someone who has never read any Jeeves – it didn’t quite excite the way it might have had for the die-hards (who were well represented).

And then on Saturday just gone, I saw Orpheus at Battersea Arts Centre with @ArtBarrow (who was kind enough to get the tickets!). I went with no preconceptions of how it would be – and it was wonderful. Great music, really skilled performers, great atmosphere – cabaret-style, you sit around candle-lit tables. Love that 1930s feel. I even bought the production’s sound-track.

I do enjoy theatre and also live music. Next up is a concert at the Royal Albert Hall sometime next month.

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  1. I love London theater. We saw a few things in December including Carols at RAH. Will be looking forward to something in November to although I fear Handbagged may end before then?

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