Looking north from Vauxhall Cross. The building on the right is the side view of Mi6’s headquarters. The building on the left is a huge apartment building. The road heading away is actually Vauxhall bridge which connects the London Borough of Lambeth with the London Borough of Westminster.

The tail-end of tropical storm Bertha hit the UK on Sunday. I guess compared with when one is living in the Caribbean, using words such as “being hit by” is probably over-dramatic. It was very squally and we have had quite a lot of rain – but it wasn’t a great deal more serious that that.

I was dropped just south of Vauxhall Cross, the mega-gyratory which this acutely ugly part of town is known for. The Prudential RideLondon was in full flow which meant all roads crossing from the south of the river to the north were blocked. Well – not all – but for quite some miles. Driving would not have been feasible.

‘No bother’ as the Scots might say. I can walk home from Vauxhall in 15-20 minutes. As I got to the bus station – which sits in the middle of the gyratory – the heavens well and truly opened and the tempest descended once again. The bus station is somewhat ‘open’ other than having a roof on it, so rain coming sideways was not kept at bay. Luckily, there is a Waitrose Local on the south side of the bus depot so I sought refuge in there and did some food shopping.

By the time I came out – the worst of it was over and I walked over the bridge. The only final hurdle was the need to navigate crossing a busy road that had a major bicycle race taking place on it!

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