Vignettes – 13/08/14

Cycling in the glorious sun to work and in so doing – revelling in the longest, warmest, sunniest summer for a generation. Remarking inwardly that the daily tropical rain-showers are unusual – as are the cloud formations.

Meeting the director responsible for the upcoming restructure. Holding the floor among peers whilst putting forward the group view.  

Eating next to nothing. That’s how 5:2 works – well, at least two days of the week. Secretly thrilled to have lost 9 lbs in 5 weeks. Knowing there’s another 9 lbs to go to hit that magic number. Reading from the phone app used to measure weight that the 25th September is the day the target will be reached (on current trends).

Falling off the wagon at an off-site meeting in the West End – luxury biscuits on the table and it’s 3pm and energy levels have hit rock bottom. Unable to resist temptation.

Dinner – a bowl of soup (home-made, of course), followed by an apple.

Ordering brilliantine online. Having relied on American Crew for what seems like years – wanting to try something else. Reading customer reviews that say it’s actually not greasy. Conscious that when people to whom one’s profoundly attracted decide to run their hands through your hair – the last thing one wants them to take away is an oil slick.

Ordering another French conjugation book onlne. And a dictionary. Over-reliance on phone app dictionaries is a bore.

Fixing dinner with friends who live over the road – for sometime next week. Telling them that Mon/Wed ‘is out’ as that clashes with 5:2. Laughing inwardly (with the full knowledge that they will be too).


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