Vignettes: Alone in New York

newyorkPhoto not mine.

Sitting at the counter-top with the other single people in the evening for dinner. Going to different places most evenings.

Sometimes making small talk. Sometimes not.

Watching the world go by. Every day.

Power-walking past the Rockefeller Center every morning, on my way to work.

Falling into a routine. Buying my coffee from the same place.

Talking always with the blue-collar doormen who are up for banter and a chat.

Having lunch at my desk. Every day. Work hard culture. Harder than home, anyway.

Seeing the Chrysler building from our office. And liking it.

A feeling of simultaneous freedom and loneliness.

Shopping until the credit card is almost burning a hole in my pocket. Well, that was last week.

Crossing over Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue every day.

Walking past St Patrick’s cathedral shrouded in scaffolding.

Occasionally commuting by subway, an 8 minute journey, rather than 20-25 minutes on foot.

Eating bagels like they’re going out of fashion.

Drinking too much. 

Having 7.45am / 8am calls with London most days. And resenting them.

Living in an apartment 17 floors above ground level. Looking down at the ants moving along the street.

4 thoughts on “Vignettes: Alone in New York

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  1. Oh this is a good one. It is very interesting (for me as a Brit abroad) to see your perspective now you are LIVING over here (albeit for a month-ish). Obviously NYC is so different in pace etc compared to my mile high city but the loneliness/seeing everything from a newbie point of view is still fascinating to me. Have you had a Cro-nut (?) yet? You’re probably too tired to do most tourist things at the moment I bet…..

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